Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Amelia will be so excited!

Because she is getting a little sister!

Savannah St. Patricks Day

Amelia had a lot of fun in Savannah!  We all did.  She was so still and patient getting her face painted, she loves stuff like that.  
And I love these squishy faces.

This is Amelias face when a girl cut in front of us waiting for balloon animals.  Which wasn't a big deal.. until her parents sent her brother to join her in line. At the front.  Which wouldn't have been a big deal but these were the SLOWEST balloon making clowns ever.. so I had to go ahead and let them know there was a line.  Sorry kiddies!

Amelia's flower ballon on a stick.  Its one balloon and it took..forever! Come on clowns.

This is my "potatoe on a stick."  I was eating it, and thinking about how long someone must have stood there last night with a knife spiraling all these potatoes.  Then Nick said they probably used an apple spiral thingie tool, so I pretended like I had that same idea.  

Headed on down to River Street to see what was going on.  Heres a hint- drunks, drinking, and thousands of cigarettes were what was going on.  Since I am preggo and we had our toddler, we didn't spend long down there.

And here is Nicholas and Amelia, looking happy as ever that I made them stand in front of one of the green fountains.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Breathing Spell

Today we got a little bit of fresh air.  It was not quite warm enough, but not quite cold, so we kept it pretty short.  Just a little walk on the path.  Amelia is sick, and today must be the top of the sick mountain.  I am hoping she starts down the other side and feels better in a few days.  There has been a lot of sneezing.. in my face.

Anyway, we spend a lot of days on this path, and I notice sometimes how many photos I have of her on it.  Its kind of sweet to see how much she has grown even in the last five months.  

I love her little poncho making it look like she has a cape, or wings to fly with.

 Amelias trusty crocs, aka the only shoes she ever wears.

Some things I have learned today that I feel are important: I learned how to copy and paste edit options and selections from one photo to another.  Basically I can edit one photo and apply those exact settings to another photo so they generally have the same feel/tone.  Of course this will not always work with every photo, but I get the general idea.  I also learned a few other shortcuts in Lightroom.  I have been spending a little time watching LR tutorial videos because my editing needs some real work!  As you can see with that overly saturated image above :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Time In Texas

Continuing on with our road trip, here are some photos of Amelia in Texas at my parents house.

She spent quite a lot of time lounging in this chair..

With her friend Frey, and when I say friend, I mean "the poor puppy she chased after yelling in babble"

 Spending time with Uncle William


Here is our first five generation photo.. before I decided we needed a different background 
(the feet crop!)

Ahh better.

 Amelia decided to stay there and call over anyone who would come sit.. 

Victim one.

Victim 2.

Victim 3, dangit!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Nightgown

Today I went to take a picture of Amelia in her nightgown, and I learned something new.  I cropped some of the photos and did a little editing before uploading.  When I uploaded however, I realized they were the originals.  I didn't even notice with the Zoo pictures.  So today I learned how to export the edits so that I could post!  

Anyway here are a few of my sweet girl, posing for mama on a paint bucket.  Cream cheese on her chin from her bagel… as usual.

I also realized I could have faced her on the other wall.. the blank white one!  Instead you get to see the fire extinguisher and watermelon on my counter.  

That hair.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Zoo

So Amelia and I are home from a long, long, long road trip!  We flew to Texas and then drove from there to Savannah, to Virginia Beach, and finally back home.  I wanted to share some photos from our trip, so I thought I would start with the San Antonio Zoo!

 Amelia saw a few animals, but she wasn't all that interested and it was really stinky so I didn't mind.

There was a great kids area with this little pond, Amelia had a lot of fun, and luckily I brought her a change of clothes because she got COMPLETELY soaked.

Gettin' pretty brave out there.. 

She had to stop and try and boss this boy to do something in her demanding baby babble voice.  He just kind of wandered away slowly from my crazy girl.

My camera hasn't moved off of manual in about 3 weeks.  I said complete goodbye to Auto mode.  So that resulted in a trip FULL of learning, and also a lot of blown shots.  We were at the zoo in the middle of the day and the sun was so bright!  I did learn (later) how high I should/could crank my shutter speed to fix that problem.  So although it was a teensy bit frustrating to get so many blown shots, I am happy because I am making gigantic strides!  Im sure the learning curve will slow down soon, but right now I am getting better every day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Everyday

I have been taking a bunch of photos lately, and my mom goggles are in full effect.  Each picture I think Amelia is more beautiful than the one before!

Here are some of my Valentine's Day flowers, still in bloom.  They smell amazing, I adore them.

That sweet little lip!

I put a little ball down her shirt, and it really cracked her up

Lot's of big changes around here, but for now I will just share these photos. Some major house projects are about to go down, to get our home ready!