Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fort McAllister

My parents came to visit the past few days, and while they were down here they parked their camper at Fort McAllister.  Amelia spent some time at the campground while we went and did a couple errands.  This morning we were all going to go bike riding but I forgot a piece for my bike so we just went walking.  

Nicholas and Clint did end up riding, Clint didn't walk around just wearing this helmet for no reason haha! 

Unfortunately my poor baby ended up with a couple face scrapes after a little tumble.

There was this little lookout spot so I forced everyone to stand while I took some photos as usual..

Mom sitting with my little roly poly

The campground was so beautiful.. but then I am partial to the tree moss!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Madrac Farms

 Last weekend we all went to a pumpkin patch in Rincon, Ga.  Amelia had a blast, it was a nice day, and the dirt/dust was the only bad part.  I do realize that is to be expected!  Our first stop was face painting and as you can see- Amelia was very excited!

She loves getting her face painted, and she sits so still.  She cried when it was over and kept pointing to her arms, I think she wanted everything painted.

The big slide was also great for her, she went down a couple times with Nick, as soon as she was at the bottom she took off running to get back in line

This was Elora most of the day, she was pretty darn comfy so I just let her sleep that way.  It was a little harder to juggle her and the camera but not too bad.

We did stop to feed the goats but apparently they were stuffed because they didn't want anything to do with Amelia, no matter how much she kissed at them.

We skipped the cornmaze because it looked boring, and Amelia just wanted to run around in the pumpkin patch

The pony ride was probably her favorite, and she cried when she had to leave the pony also.  She didn't want help, and was SO cute riding that little pony around.  This awesome cowboy led her around- notice the skoal ring.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Apple Printing

Today Amelia and I did apple printing out on the patio, Amelia preferred to print on herself as you can see!  

I feel like these look a bit washed  out, maybe I should bump contrast.. any thoughts?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This past weekend my sister Carolyn came to visit with two of my nephews, Ari and Walter.  Amelia and Ari got along well and she loved playing with him.  I took a few photos while they were here, I wish I had taken more! 

We also met up with our cousin Robert downtown and walked around city market.  We haven't seen him in ages!