Saturday, October 25, 2014

Madrac Farms

 Last weekend we all went to a pumpkin patch in Rincon, Ga.  Amelia had a blast, it was a nice day, and the dirt/dust was the only bad part.  I do realize that is to be expected!  Our first stop was face painting and as you can see- Amelia was very excited!

She loves getting her face painted, and she sits so still.  She cried when it was over and kept pointing to her arms, I think she wanted everything painted.

The big slide was also great for her, she went down a couple times with Nick, as soon as she was at the bottom she took off running to get back in line

This was Elora most of the day, she was pretty darn comfy so I just let her sleep that way.  It was a little harder to juggle her and the camera but not too bad.

We did stop to feed the goats but apparently they were stuffed because they didn't want anything to do with Amelia, no matter how much she kissed at them.

We skipped the cornmaze because it looked boring, and Amelia just wanted to run around in the pumpkin patch

The pony ride was probably her favorite, and she cried when she had to leave the pony also.  She didn't want help, and was SO cute riding that little pony around.  This awesome cowboy led her around- notice the skoal ring.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Apple Printing

Today Amelia and I did apple printing out on the patio, Amelia preferred to print on herself as you can see!  

I feel like these look a bit washed  out, maybe I should bump contrast.. any thoughts?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This past weekend my sister Carolyn came to visit with two of my nephews, Ari and Walter.  Amelia and Ari got along well and she loved playing with him.  I took a few photos while they were here, I wish I had taken more! 

We also met up with our cousin Robert downtown and walked around city market.  We haven't seen him in ages!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Around Savannah

Kathy, Nicks mom, came to visit this past weekend and meet Elora.  We walked around downtown and I stopped to take a couple photos with some of the beautiful trees.

We were on the way to the car so Amelia was a bit tired.. 

I also snapped this of the girls, Elora was 3 weeks old this day.  Starting to hold eye contact and I am able to get a grin or two while she is awake. I cannot get her to take a binky, but she sucks on her hand much more than Amelia ever did.  I wonder if we will have a thumbsucker..

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elora Jane Cole

     Elora is just one week old and I really wanted to go ahead and write down her birth story so I can remember everything.  It wasn’t as crazy this time around, but that’s because it happened so fast there wasn’t time for crazy.

This is a BIRTH story, just a heads up- it is all about labor.

     Friday night when we went to bed, I mentioned to Nicholas that if I went into labor early the next morning, Elora would be born exactly on her due date, just like Amelia.  Amelia was born on her due date at around 5am.

     Saturday morning at 3am, Nicholas’s alarm went off and he got up to get ready for work.  I woke up as well when the alarm went off and texted Nick a few minutes later saying my stomach felt weird and maybe it could mean labor was coming.  He was getting ready in the living room, so I asked him what time he was supposed to leave so I could let him know one way or the other.  He said he was leaving at 3:30.  I finally got out of bed at 3:20ish to go to the bathroom, and right then I had a contraction.  So I texted Nick at 3:25 to tell him I had a contraction and to call in to work. 

     Amelia was still sleeping, so I walked out into the kitchen to call the birth center.  I got the midwife on the phone and had another contraction.  I told her I just had my second contraction but that my first labor was fast that we wanted to come in now.  She said she would meet us there in 20 minutes.  I got dressed and made sure we had everything, and then woke up Amelia.  Amelia jumped up and grabbed her puppy and her old glowstick (it’s her wand), and she was ready to go.  It took about 15 minutes to do all of that and I had another contraction, I felt pretty crampy. 

     Nick carried everything to the car and pushed Amelia out in her stroller.  He got everything loaded in and put the address in the GPS while I tried to figure out how to get in the car comfortably.  First I tried putting my knee in facing the back seat but that didn’t work.  So then I put my feet on the floorboard and eased in with my shoulder blades on the seat back (planking) because I could not sit like a normal person. I also brought a towel for the seat justtttt in case my water broke.

      I had three contractions on the ride there, which took about 13 ish minutes.  I was breathing through them fairly quietly because I didn’t want to scare Amelia. 

     When we got there I got out and asked Nick to get my flip flop for me because I couldn’t lean down.  He rang the bell and walked back to get Amelia.  We were parked right in front so I took the towel off the front seat and walked to the front door.  I brought the towel because the sidewalk was wet, and I wanted to kneel down if she wasn’t there yet.  She was there, and opened the door to me having another contraction.  After it passed I walked in and she pointed me to which room I would be in.  Amelia got distracted by some toys in the waiting room so Nick dropped the bags in the room and then went back with her.  We arrived at 4:05. 

     I walked down the hall and into the room, I leaned against the counter in the room and had another contraction.  I said that I had to use the bathroom, she said “okay”, then I said actually I’m so thirsty I need water, she said “okay I can get you water, but first why don’t you let me check you?” She was rubbing my back for me and I said I knew it was so mean but please stop touching my back.  (I was in a lot of pain! And I just don’t want to be talked to or touched when I hurt) I walked a couple steps to the bed and said crawled onto just the very end.  I was having nonstop contractions and I said that I thought I was pushing.  She said something like “yes I think you are” or “yes I can hear that”. I said I thought I was crowning and she said baby was right there.  She asked if I could move further up the bed and I said no. I yelled “OW OW OW OW OWW” and her head was there, and two seconds later her body was delivered as well.  Just a few minutes after arrival, at 4:08.

     She started crying, and I held her. Nicholas and Amelia came to the door, he said he thought I was just having a contraction saying Ow, but then he heard a baby cry.  She was born so quickly he wasn’t there with Amelia, but there wasn’t time for anything so it was okay.  I cut the cord this time, which was pretty cool.

     We stayed 4 hours before going home.  I felt pretty good after having her, and have felt pretty good since.  Healing is much better than with Amelia.  Nursing is going so easily, which is also the exact opposite from Amelia!  About 45 minutes long so I only ever had about 9-10 contractions and
1-2 minutes of pushing. 

Here are a few pictures from the Birth Center

Elora Jane Cole getting her newborn exam. 7 lbs 15 oz

After her little tests, I asked to take a shower so they asked Nick if he wanted to have some skin time with her, so Nicholas and Amelia sat in bed with her while I took a shower. 

After that the nurse offered to take our first photo as a family of four :)

Shortly after this photo, Nicholas was snoring, and so was Amelia.  I didn't sleep until we got home later.  I got a McFlurry on the way home which was awesome and we had a calm couple of days.  It was a beautiful time.